Faustino liked nature, camping, the beach, friends, reading novels, going to the cinema, watching TV and also sport, especially soccer. He was very keen on Valencia C.F.!

September 1957: El Pilar used for the first time the building located in the avenue we actually call Blasco Ibáñez, formerly Paseo Valencia al Mar. In the photograph, we can see Faustino (the second on the left) walking by the school's sidewalk.


At Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Valencia), there is a chapel with  the rests of Faustino. We can see in the following photograph the image of the Virgin to whom Faustino used to pray.

Tumba de Faustino e imagen de la Virgen que Faustino rezaba


Faustino could not make reality, on Earth, his dream of becoming a missionary. But he does it from Heaven with his example and his message.

Appart from Spanish, books about Faustino have been published in Italian, French, Polish and Hungarian. Faustino invites you to say yes to evrything good, in order to have a better world, a fair world, less selfish, just as God wants.